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Animal Sanctuary

  • Herbivorous Acres - HA’s goal is to adjust society’s view of farm animals, promote a plant-based diet and its impact on the welfare of animals, and allow animals to live out their lives with well-deserved peace and dignity.
  • SoulSpace Farm Sanctuary - New Richmond, WI – SoulSpace’s Mission is to “rescue farm animals from abuse and neglect, bring awareness to the way society views farm animals, promote mindful and compassionate living.”

Local Organizations

  • Animal Rights Coalition - the ARC works to end animal suffering, abuse, and exploitation of non-human animals through information, education, and advocacy.
  • Compassionate Action for Animals - CAA is a nonprofit in the Twin Cities region encouraging people to embrace their empathy for farmed animals by increasing awareness of farmed animal suffering, building community with plant-based eating, and nurturing advocates.

More Information

Other Local Information

  • Minneapolis Farmers Markets - Information on three farmers markets in Minneapolis: Lyndale Market, Government Center Market, Nicollet Mall Market.
  • St. Paul Farmers Markets - This site has a lot of information on upcoming markets in St. Paul and surrounding areas. It even includes markets as far North as Andover.


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