2022-03-29 Welcome to the New Site!

Hey all,

A long time ago I decided that WordPress wasn't a good fit for VeganMSP.com, so I began the process of creating this new site. It's built with Django, and the code is hosted on GitHub. If you're interested in contributing - whether it be content-wise or …

2019-07-22 A Quick Update

With things as busy as they have been with my day-job, this project has more-or-less been pushed to the back-burner. Though, there haven’t been a bunch of new vegan restaurants opening up in MSP, I know the list still isn’t complete.

If you notice something missing from the list that …

2019-04-06 Vegan Restaurants Around the Country

I do a fair bit of traveling. Usually I’m traveling to visit some of my several vegan friends spread through the States. Since eating is so much fun, I’ll try to make a point to eat at a new vegan restaurant each time I visit. So far, I haven’t run …

2018-09-03 Welcome to VeganMSP.com

This is a brand new project from Matthew Jorgensen. This project aims to be a complete-as-possible information site relevant to the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

Check back often for news about upcoming and recently opened restaurants and more.