A Quick Update

With things as busy as they have been with my day-job, this project has more-or-less been pushed to the back-burner. Though, there haven’t been a bunch of new vegan restaurants opening up in MSP, I know the list still isn’t complete.

If you notice something missing from the list that you think would make a good addition, please let me know! Use the Contact page to send me a note!

On that note, I recently received an email from a youth organization in Salt Lake City. They found the Links page to be informative and useful, and even had a suggestion to add! (Thanks, Abigail!) Suggestions like these benefit everyone, as information becomes easier to find.

A close friend of mine suggested that I could write blogs about vegan events I go to in the area, and I thought that was a fantastic idea. It has to potential to keep the site interesting, and gives me an excuse to carry my camera around more! Keep an eye out for those, or subscribe to the RSS feed!

Welcome to VeganMSP.com

This is a brand new project from Matthew Jorgensen. This project aims to be a complete-as-possible information site relevant to the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

Check back often for news about upcoming and recently opened restaurants and more.